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Ener-G-Force – the off-roader for tomorrow and beyond

posted Dec 8, 2012, 1:18 AM by Thor Fornica   [ updated Dec 8, 2012, 3:14 AM ]
The question of whether the genes of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class dating from 1979 will still be asserting themselves in the distant future is being demonstrated by Mercedes-Benz in Los Angeles in the guise of a cool design study: the Ener-G-Force. According to Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz Cars: “The Ener-G-Force is the vision of an off-roader that, while reflecting tomorrow’s adventures, also invokes the genes of the Mercedes-Benz off-road icon, the G model. Modern and cool, it could also be a clue about a new beginning for the off-road design idiom of Mercedes-Benz”.
Built as 1:1-scale model, the design study is clearly inspired by the G-Class but presents a radical reinterpretation of this classic that looks far into the future. Important genes such as proportions and design elements were adopted conceptually and completely redesigned and updated in a clean concept for tomorrow and beyond. While the clear design idiom of the G-Class has remained, all surfaces are designed to express intensity and tension. The meticulously executed details are also a clear indication that the Ener-G-Force is the product of modern times. Like the G-Class, the Ener-G-Force sports a front with an expressive radiator grille that incorporates the headlamps. LEDs in the headlamps form lamp units in the shape of a G. This gives the Ener-G-Force a strong, iconic appearance and demonstrates dominance. The front indicators and position lights are mounted on top of the wings as a significant G-Class element.
Thanks to alternative drive systems, the Ener-G-Force should also be exceptionally environmentally friendly and able to demonstrate enhanced green-car characteristics. Four wheel-hub motors, whose output for each individual wheel is adapted precisely to the respective terrain by high-performance electronics, are designed to provide the pulling power. The striking side skirts also house quick-change battery packs. Changes in the colour of the illumination of the side skirts indicate the operating and charge status of the energy packs. A roof carrier and additional lamps are integrated into the roof.

The design study shows that the off-road classic from Mercedes-Benz, whose continuous history goes all the way back to the 1970s, could in fact tackle the future in a stylistically and technologically advanced version.
A pure, rendered science-fiction; here’s the Mercedes-Benz’s environment-friendly, modern and cool SUV, the ‘Ener-G-Force’ which has been described to be the vision of an off-roader that, while reflecting tomorrow’s adventures, also invokes the genes of the German automaker’s 1979 off-road icon, the G-Class. Primarily based on the concept of a future police vehicle, this super-aggressive SUV was exclusively developed for the Los Angeles Design Challenge 2012, which looks towards future with a quest for the ‘Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025’.
However, this flight of fancy unveiled at the LA auto show is certainly not a teaser of something in the pipeline, rather, it’s a design study with enhanced green-car capabilities and off-road competence, capable of supporting future police and emergency services around the globe.
Described to also be a clue of Mercedes-Benz's future off-road design, the Ener-G-Force boasts small glass windows making this futuristic police car a safe cocoon for law enforcement officers, fighting against all odds.
Further, special emergency lights have also been integrated into the roof, while the striking front leaves commanding presence of the law enforcement officers, and the gigantic wheels guarantee the right-of-way even in worst terrains.

It's powered with a fuel-cell engine for which it gathers water in roof tanks which is then ‘hydro-converted into hydrogen fuel on board.
This concept rides that uses 4-wheel hub motors and has lithium-ion battery storage is claimed to run about 500 miles.
Notably, it also uses high-end ‘terra-scan’ radar on its roof top, which helps identify the terrain and adapt the chassis setting to suit.

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