Cabo 250 life threatening injuries for 16 year old spectator

posted Aug 12, 2013, 2:22 PM by Thor Fornica   [ updated Aug 12, 2013, 3:02 PM ]
Cabo 250 2013 accident with multiple victims
Cabo 250 with severe accident involving 2 Class 9 racer which apparently could not manage a right-turn in safe speed.
The vehicle plowed into the spectators crowd injuring a 16 year old life-threatening.
He suffered severe head trauma and other injuries.
Additional 2 other bystanders got hurt yet with lesser injuries.
The driver of the race-car, Rafael Montaño, also got submitted to the hospital in Cabo San Lucas with injuries.
As you can see in video did Montaño not slow down much and tried to force the vehicle into the right-turn.
Was there a mechanical failure or did Montaño run out of driving talent??
After hitting the spectator group it appears the vehicle got launched of the banking - looks like even OVER parked cars - at the area way past the initial impact.
However, if you watch closely you can see the incident involves 2 Class 9 racers - the second one was the vehicle launched over the banking. If the second car hit any spectators is so far unknown.
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