BJ Baldwin on Baja 1000 campsite incident

posted Nov 27, 2012, 3:14 AM by Thor Fornica   [ updated Dec 17, 2012, 8:10 AM ]
Direct from BJ "Ballistic" Baldwins Facebook page. His comments are about the scene in the video below. He is the second trophy truck passing in that video.
Few have seen this. I almost passed him back here when he missed the exit off the highway. Had he not driven through this camp it would have been a different story.
People were scattering to avoid the Vildosola truck. A few spectators ran into the actual race course of which I had to slow down to avoid. I could have been more aggressive here and pursued him through the dust but I knew there were people around and I didn't want to hurt anyone.
This camp was not in a dangerous spot on the outside of a corner. It was next to a straighter part of the race course.
Personally I think they should change the title of the video to "Camping with the Vildosolas". Lol.
I'm glad no one was hurt. I already checked in the SCORE rule book. There is currently no standing rule against racing through a campsite and/or endangering spectators.
Maybe there should be?? If there was a rule against it what should the penalty be?? Your thoughts??
Anyone on here see this in person?? Feel free to share the video on your page.
For those of you that support our protest, we thank you. We don't want to win this way we just want equal enforcement of the rules.

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