We do that “about us” like a Q&A addressing the most common questions we encounter over the time.
  • Who is Puro Off-Road? – We are 4 guys spread all over the world (Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Argentina), friends for 30+ years, all originating from the same city in a European country. We never lost touch all the year and formed 2000 a enterprise operating in the travel biz.
    The driving force of Puro Off-Road lives mainly in La Paz, Mexico. One of our mutual connection is the love for the off-road racing motorsport. We all have, more or less successful, racing background and can evaluate pretty good the “inside” of a race competitor. The head-guru has raced in the German, Austria and French and Dutch MX and Enduro championships in all classes (50cc, 125cc, 250cc, 500cc), several times Le Touquet beach races, living in the USA/SoCal 10+y. for years a regular at respective age classes (25+, 30+, 35+) at LA Raceway, Glen Helen, Perris Raceway, Carlsbad, Borona Oaks, arena cross SW USA and several Mickey Thompson Off-Road show stadium races. Living 10+ y. at southern Baja Peninsula as well some Class 12 and Class 8 experience. More to come very soon…. :)

  • Is Puro Off-Road a “professional” website? – Not in terms of how we process the content (translation / copy-writing). We do not spend any funds on such things.
    Also not in terms of making money as of Puro Off-Road as source of income. Puro Off-Road runs a bunch of ads, but no matter if they create some bucks or not – that would be beer and cafe money – we run the website for the love of the off-road sport and to publish information about off-road "as is" means: facts! Not twisted to satisfy any financial supporters i.e. create a income by any means, to artificial inflate egos etc.
    We either publish info and connected data (images/videos) we gather when at the scene i.e. races or have connections there that supply us first hand or we syndicate information which is freely available and give the necessary credits to the owner.
    We do NEVER create (invent) any news. What WE SEE is what YOU GET! Count on it.
    If you doubt that and have any questions about particular reports get in touch to discus any issues. One of our main principals is to remain transparent and any issues in question will be processed publicly to avoid confusion.

  • How long does Puro Off-Road exist?? – www.puro-off-road.com as a so called top-level domain is operated since 2006. From 2002 to 2006 it was a sub-domain (http://puro-off-road.cabo-san-lucas.com). www.cabo-san-lucas.com in now under other ownership and we believe hibernating at the present time.

  • Who pays for Puro Off-Road? – We do! We publish from servers in a data-center near Berlin. The servers used are "left over" capacities from other operations/enterprises we are are involved in to make a living. Our daily work is in no way connected with off-road but is mainly internet connected (SEM, SEO) and tourism as well we do freelance consulting - or have in the past - for several companies (WPP, Quisma, M-Net, Group-M, Nike EHQ, Krauser).
    We do use Puro Off-Road at times as testing bed for apps and scripts we intent to use otherwise.